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The Product
The Glacial Blaster is a snow and ice removal 
system designed to easily and effectively clear
the rear lighting lenses of LED equipped
municipal snow plows. The Glacial Blaster
is a self-contained timer operated system that
uses compressed air from the trucks system, 
and an extremely efficient patented nozzle to blast snow and
ice from the lenses of the vehicle. The Glacial Blaster can be
added to any vehicle with an existing air system.

  •   Have you made the switch to LED lighting on
           your vehicles and now you're having trouble with
           ice and snow building up on those lights?

  •   Are your trucks invisible to traffic 
           coming up on them from behind
           after half an hour on the road in
           the dead of winter?​

Let Glacial Blaster come to the rescue!!!!
It's the all in one clearing system you've been
asking for.

​The Glacial Blaster is an easy to install system that can be
customized to fit your truck. Designed for maximum cleaning
power while having minimal impact on the performance of your
vehicle, the system is also flexible, allowing you to choose
the settings and configurations that meet your needs.

Call Glacial Blaster today!!! Let us show you what the Glacial 
Blaster can do for you.....